Unlocking The Power of Together in Your City

NPHCync is a platform that can be customized and developed to help your NPHC chapter collaborate, communicate, monetize, and mobilize using the power of a mobile app. Contact us to set up a presentation or request pricing.

Unified Calendar

Easily submit events from all orgs to see everyone's events in one place. Link to ticket purchase, see maps, sort by org, all in one single local app.

Push Notifications

Communicate with all org members through a push notification without the hassle of email. Easily inform, quickly mobilize, timely reminders.

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News & Information

Publish relevant community news and information such as individual spotlights, black business listings, and local legislation.

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Collectively monetize access to college-educated professionals through sponsorship opportunities. Individual orgs raise event sale potential as well.

Features That Matter

We developed the NPHCync platform and mobile app to solve the problems we experienced in our own city and with our own organizations. As members, we created what we wished for ourselves to use.

Realtime Updates

Events, information, and important news can be posted in real-time instead of waiting on your chapter's rep to attend next month's NPHC meeting

User Friendly

Easy to navigate and built within a native iOS/Android app. View the entire calendar or each orgs. Access to multimedia and your own personal favorites.

Brand Safe

We will observe all brand restrictions by limiting organization-specific information and graphics to what is provided by each respective chapter.

Sponsored Content

Companies, community organizations, and other entities are looking for ways to donate in exchange for a single medium to reach all NPHC members.


This is something active and inactive members in your city can download, stay connected, and find ways to reconnect and recommit to their own organization.

Exclusive Deals & Offers

Partner with local or online businesses for exclusive deals for your localized app. Online discounts, in-store deals, or special offers to NPHC members.

How It Works

We present the full solution, process, and pricing to the NPHC and organizational leadership for consideration, confirm, develop, launch, and perform all updates and maintenance.

We Explain the Process Step by Step

Before you present this to the board of directors, general body, or individual orgs, we will be sure you are clear on the idea.


Not only will we explain the default features available, we can share additional feature you may want to consider for your city.

Regional vs. City

We can discuss if it would make more sense to combine multiple cities into an app that serves a region or expanded geography.

Feature Image
Feature Image

We Get Buy-In before We Begin

It's important that everyone is on-board so we provide material that outlines the benefits each chapter, potential sponsors, and individual members.

Try It Out

We recommend you check with us about other cities that have a live app so you and all the member orgs can see the real-life value it offers.

Partnership Anyone?

Need help presenting to a community partner or sponsor that may want to underwrite the project but needs to see how they will benefit? We can help there too.

Time To Go to the Lab

Once we have a signed agreement, we work as quickly as possible to get your all up within 60-90 days. We want the members in your city to start connecting as soon as possible.

Information Collection

We work directly with each chapter to gather their upcoming event calendar, chapter information, and ensure they understand how the app works.


We do the account setup, hosting setup, and work with iOS and Google Play to get your app published, live, and compliant with all privacy policies.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Launch, Share, Support.

Once the app is launched, it's time to share with all the orgs and chapters, share on social media, and we support your app 100%.

We Do the Work

You don't make any edits, changes, or updates. Each chapter submits it's updates via web form and get confirmation once complete.


As we update the app with new information, more members use it, and your audience grows, we help you add sponsors and partners to grow the revenue you earn from the app.


Here are a few screenshots of how the app looks. The data, events, and information listed is for example purposes only. Your app will be customized to your city, your chapters, and your needs.

Getting Closer

The name NPHCync is the name of the offering but this truly becomes your city's app. Only your events, only your news, only your chapters, only your partners. It really becomes an app for each chapter AND an app for NPHC as a whole.

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Ready for iPhones, Androids & Tablets

This is a native app, not a mobile website. This gives you the ability to offer a more robust set of features to the members of your org chapters.

  • Usage Analytics
  • User Registration
  • Paid Banner Slots
  • Chapter Details & Information
  • Video Content
  • Political & Social Action Info
  • Personal Favorites List
  • Easy Update Submission
  • Brand Safe
  • Searchable Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions we get as we present the concept, discuss the benefits, and map out the process with NPHC chapters and member organizations.

How long does it take to get the app up and running?

Once we have a signed agreement it takes about 60-90 days to complete the development and publishing of the app. The only two things that cause delays are receipt of information from member orgs, or delays in approval from iOS and Google Play based on their volume. Once we have agreed on whether additional features are desired and sign the agreement we begin immediately developing the app and collecting initial data from all the member orgs such as current known events, chapter information, and any special deals that may be available to add at launch.

The City vs. Regional Approach.

In some cases it may make more sense to combine two smaller cities together for a regional based app. This is especially helpful if you have two cities that often go to each others events because of close proximity. This is also helpful if you want to help build a much larger bases to attract sponsorship and partners. If the same news, consumers, sponsors, venues, and main points of interest apply to both cities we should consider discussing a regional app vs the city approach.

How much can this really make?

Sponsorships can make all the difference in your decision to adopt the NPHCync platform in your city. Companies and organizations love to partner with Black Greek-Letter Organizations but it's inefficient to just choose one. This allows the NPHC to collectively go after, receive, then disburse these dollars. It can be as small as a retail business paying $100/month to offer discounts to the thousands of NPHC members in the city, or a company completely underwriting the entire project so they can have some branded content available for everyone to see. The member orgs still get all the benefits but then have no costs. The app can create a significant revenue stream to fund scholarships, replace chapter NPHC dues, or pay for large events.

Submitting updates, events, and changes.

Any city/region using the NPHCync platform can visit the SUPPORT link located within the app, create a ticket after choosing their org and chapter, and the updates will post within the time promised based on the type of request. We maintain the app and its compliance with app store policies. We are always available to talk about special needs, and one-off requests that come from an idea after the membership uses and enjoys the app. It's very likely that someone will say ``You know what we should do with this...`` and we want to be prepared to help you through that.

Contact Us

Please note current app owners should use the SUPPORT link in your app to request updates. We look forward to hearing from you and responding with answers to whatever questions you may have.